Dear Residents and Staff,

Providing an unparalleled experience for residents and an exceptional work environment for employees has been, and is, a hallmark of National Senior Campuses (NSC) and each of its Supported Communities. The members of the Board of NSC recognize the way to maintain this hallmark is to invite each resident and staff member to share his or her unique gifts, perspectives, and backgrounds in and with the community. When the diversity of resident and employee ideas, wisdom, and actions are marshaled to enhance our communities, we are better, stronger, richer, and more engaged in the fullness of life.

The diverse and inclusive communities built on the governance foundation of NSC are brilliant and distinct. We celebrate differences. We see them as a strength. And, NSC is committed to increasing diversity, building a culture of inclusivity, and ensuring that all who choose to come through our doors, as residents or staff, find a welcoming greeting and a community where they belong.

This is who we are, and this is why it is so hard to watch the unfolding story of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breona Taylor, and so many more. We grieve for the families of these men and women. We grieve because somehow, in our nation, systems have grown up that do not treat everyone equally. We grieve and know that remaining silent may no longer be acceptable; we must speak up, speak out and take action. We will not tolerate the systemic exclusion of people based on difference. We will commit our resources to create communities where no one is judged by the color of their skin, the deity they worship, the partner they love, or the nation of their birth. We commit to communities founded on welcomeness and inclusion, where each voice is honored, each person is cherished, and each moment is spent working toward our goal of unparalleled moments for residents and staff.

Though these are challenging days, we are not discouraged. We are not without hope. We know there is great wisdom among our residents who have weathered other storms in our nation and have learned lessons we need to apply today. Joining with our exceptional management team, Erickson Living Management, and the members of each community Resident Advisory Council, the board of National Senior Campuses and the Community Board stand ready to work toward a day when, within our communities, intolerance is almost undetectable, and inclusion is just about universal. Until that day, may we not grow weary in the work that is ahead.